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30 min - $70

Specific- Specific conditions/injury or one to two specific body areas.  Also an ideal treatment time for children or a quick relaxing break. 

45 min - $90

Focused- Specific conditions/injury or more focused work on couple of  body areas.  Great choice for older children or a relaxing break.

60 min - $110

Common - Most popular! Ideal for first time clients, more intensely focused treatments for conditions/injury, or a combined therapeutic and relaxation treatment.

75 min - $130

*NEW* New treatment option.  First time clients, more intensely focused treatments for conditions/injury for multiple body areas.  Excellent option for a combined therapeutic and whole body relaxation treatment.

90 min - $150

Full Body - Best option for full body therapeutic and/or relaxation treatment.

-Fees include HST-


CUPPING- An ancient form of alternative medication in which special cups are placed on your skin for a few minutes creating a suction.  BENEFITS: Improve Range of Motion, Reduce Fascial & Muscle Tension, Improve overall Circulation, Ease Pain & Speed Healing & many MORE!


Targets specific trigger points or "knots" in muscles using direct pressure over the area to create a release.  BENEFITS: Reduce Referral Pain, Recover Strength, Increase Range of Motion. 

HYDROTHERAPY-  Includes the use of heat, cold, or a combination of both in order to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, & flush toxins allowing for the return of healthy cells & tissues.  BENEFITS: Reduce Pain & 

Increase Speed of Healing.

STRETCHING- Involves the use  of passive &/or active stretches for muscles or fascial lines.  BENEFITS: Increase muscle & tissue extensibility, Maintain Tissue & Joint Alignment, Increase Range of Motion.


SCAR TISSUE- Purposeful fascial release of scar tissue caused by injury &/or surgery.  BENEFITS: Reduce Pain, Increase Range of Motion, Breakdown Scar Tissue Adhesion's. 


ATHLETIC TAPING- Employs the use of various forms of athletic tape to help support joints, or neuromuscular function.  BENEFITS: Joint Stabilization, Reduce Spasm & Discomfort, Neuromuscular Facilitation.

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